3 Types of Wardrobe Armoires for the Bedroom

by Concierge Matcher on November 18, 2010

Portable wardrobe closetsWhile most people think of only one single type of design when they hear the word “armoire”, the are actually many types of armoires available, each type unique from the next. Since the bedroom is the most popular spot for a wardrobe amoire, let’s review 3 types that work well in this room.

The Corner Wardrobe
Between the dresser, the King sized bed, the TV stand, a jewelry chest, and a standing mirror, it’s easy to see how crowded the master bedroom gets without even trying! That’s why the corner wardrobe is such a great addition for making the best of storage space possible out of a corner. You can buy a corner wardrobe for $200 and up.

The Entertainment Armoire
These types of wardrobes are actually a kind of two in one deal. The upper part, the so-called “closet” area, can be used either for wardrobe storage or, if you so choose, to place a television, thus transforming it into an entertainment armoire. A great example of this type of design is this Sonoma Wardrobe / Entertainment Armoire available for under $300.

Portable Closet Storage
Portable wardrobe closets are the perfect in between option for someone who needs additional closet storage, an armoire, and a place to put it, but doesn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. These portable wardrobes are made of cheaper plastic and made materials, but for under $100 you can still buy a nice sturdy one, such as those from Rubbermaid’s closet storage line. And if you find you need closet space in another area of the home, you can simply wheel it on down!

Between these three options – the corner wardrobe, the dual entertainment / wardrobe armoire, and the more affordable portable wardrobe closet – there is something for every bedroom on every budget!

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