3 Types Of Grease Traps

by Concierge Matcher on November 16, 2010

grease trapGrease traps are important because it acts like a septic tank that will store and sift the grease first before it will reach the waste water sewage system. If it is not present, especially to large restaurants, it can clog away the sewage. Worst, it will cause overflow.

This equipment appears like a huge box that is attached with two tubes in opposite direction. It must be installed to every commercial kitchen. Government does not only require them to install such grease traps but also give penalties to those who have no grease traps at all.

Because of such need, there are three types of grease traps available on the market today, namely:

-          The Above-ground grease trap

-          Underground grease traps

-          AGRU

The popular ones are the above-ground grease traps. It is less handy and smaller than the underground grease traps. Additionally, it is easy to install and clean and can hold up to 40 gallon tank. Do not worry about the budget because they are also cheap and affordable. But above-ground grease traps are moderately accurate on taking away the fats for fluent drainage.

Underground grease traps, on the other hand, are large and buried in the soil, much like a toilet’s septic tank. However, in contrast to the previous type, it can take away the fats and solid foods in 85% accuracy. It is usually made up of steel, concrete and fiberglass.

Last, but not really the least, is the AGRU (short for Automatic Grease Removal Units). They are not new but not also as famous as above-ground and underground grease traps. This is due to its material and labor cost. Nevertheless, it can guarantee you 99% success because it eliminates the grease and fats instantly. It is powered by electricity and has a different kind of features that can add to its full capacity and functionality. It is also comes in smaller sizes but definitely require a large amount of money in order to install such grease trap.

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