Special jewelry for your wife on Christmas

by Concierge Matcher on March 25, 2010

Special JewelryNo matter what the occasion, special jewelry for wife is a great way to say I love you and see a big smile on her face.

Does your wife prefer something understated or does she like something a little flashier? When choosing special jewelry for wife her current jewelry can provide a clue as to her taste. Consider how you chose her engagement and wedding rings. If she picked it out, try to remember what she liked about it.

A decent jeweler will have positive ratings from the BBB. There will also be several consumer reviews to guide you in your search for that special jewelry for wife. If you choose diamonds for her, make sure the jeweler is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified. A GIA certified jeweler will be able to describe the good qualities of a gem and tell you what flaws the piece contains. They may even let you look at it under a mini-microscope.

Of course, gems are not the only type of jewelry to give your wife. A woman who enjoys antiques might like to receive a cameo as a gift. For a simple, yet elegant piece of jewelry, a silver or gold chain with a unique pendant would be a good choice. Don’t rush through the store when picking out a piece. You want it to show that you put thought into her gift. Once you have chosen the piece, add some personal touches like a note that tells her how special she is to you. This can make as a perfect christmas gift for wife

Unfortunately many salespeople work on commission and employ high pressure tactics. If they are recommending a piece that just isn’t right, tell them so. If they won’t back off then leave the store.

Visiting an independent jeweler is your best bet for avoiding that situation. They are more likely to be working on building relationships with regular clientele than just on making the sale.

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