A Monster High Messenger Bag Can Make A Perfect Gift

by Concierge Matcher on August 10, 2011

Monster High backpackI am having such a tough time these last couple of days. The difficulty is caused by the hard time I am having in thinking about a gift for my sister, whose sixteenth birthday is coming up in a couple of week’s time. Being a guy and the fact that I am already in my late twenties is really giving me a hard time in coming up with something that I have not yet given to her in past birthdays and other past occasions. And I am really just thinking of giving her a simple gift this time around. Probably something simple and yet useful is the kind of gift that I have in mind, as I would like to stress the value of being practical to her. The trouble is it is not yet clear as to what it really should be. I never knew that giving a simple gift for my younger sister would be this tough, especially since I never encountered such difficulty in the past before.

Last night, as I was searching the net for gift possibilities, I came across something that I thought my sister might like. I saw an ad about this Monster High backpack, and it immediately caught my attention. The designs and overall theme of the bags are based on the popular line of fashion dolls that are made by Mattel. I thought Monster High messenger bagtat it would be perfect for my sister, because she tends to like such things. Each design was cool enough; well at least in my eyes it looks cool. As for why I would give bags as my gift for her sixteenth birthday, I think it falls right in with my goal of keeping her attuned to being practical, while at the very same time having something that really looks good. There is also this Monster High messenger bag that I though would be a perfect partner to the other backpack that I am eying for her.

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