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by Concierge Matcher on March 4, 2010

Personal Assistant and Home ConciegeSocietal changes over time have placed increased pressure on many people trying to balance their work, family, and personal lives, not to mention everything in between. Things such as doing daily house chores, laundry, grocery shopping, running errands, and taking care of the family.

We recognize how important leisure time, family, and community involvement outside of work contributes to a rich, meaningful, balanced, healthy life.  With today’s fast pace, who has time for the more important things.  Having a personal assistant or a home concierge can drastically help you have more time.  What we call a gift of time.  Having time to spend with your loved ones, friends, or even enjoying some relaxation time is very important to our well being. Time to spent doing household chore and running errand can be very time consuming and there are only some many hours in the day to get these things done.

When life presents challenges, family members feel the impact.  Discover Life’s Simple Pleasures.


Put a Value on your time and outsource House cleaning, laundry services, and other routine aspects of your life.

  • House Cleaning
  • Allergy/Dust Mite/ Germ free cleaning
  • Linen change
  • Laundry
  • Personal Assistant, Personal Services
  • Decorating and Organizing
  • Arrange delivery of meals
  • In Home Chef (will prepare your recipe, special diets, healthful recipes, etc), Catering
  • Wait Service for repairs, cable/satellite service, air conditioning/heating service, furniture/appliance delivery
  • Grocery shopping
  • Home Organization
  • Eliminating your “to do lists”
  • Organizing your photographs
  • Filing
  • Contacting utilities when moving/setting up new services
  • Returns/ Exchanges
  • Car wash/ car detailing
  • Car repairs
  • House sitting
  • New Mother Services
  • Internet research for colleges, camps, scholarships
  • Vacation check/pick up mail, newspaper pick up, trash pick up, lower or raise shades, water plants, turn on lights, water outside yard, feed animals
  • Reminder Service/wake up calls, birthday reminders

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