Star Wars Accessories for Your Wii

by Concierge Matcher on May 22, 2010

Wii accessoriesThere are all sorts of Wii gun and Wii accessories available to help gamers broaden their Nintendo Wii experience. The Star Wars phenomenon has in recent years enjoyed a kind of rebirth, extending to new generations of fans. The Clone Wars, a recent cartoon series based on the movie of the same name, has spawned a number of games for the revolutionary Nintendo Wii game system that help fans become part of the Star Wars saga. To enjoy these games to the fullest, a few Wii Clone Wars accessories are indispensable.

Any kind of Wii shooting game requires a Wii gun. The Wii Zapper gun is the most popular and even comes with a game that lets you learn how to use it. If you’re trying to stay within the Star Wars realm, however, you will need a Clone Trooper Blaster, made by Nintendo and licensed by LucasFilms. Available for about 20 dollars, it works just like the Wii Zapper; the only difference is the Star Wars name and look, and it’s actually cheaper than the Zapper since it doesn’t include a game.

Any fan who has a Clone Wars Wii game is going to want a Wii lightsaber. You can play the game without one, but you won’t have the authentic experience that comes with swinging the lightsaber accessory. The Official Anakin Skywalker and Yoda Lightsabers are what you need to get as close as possible to feeling like you are actually a part of the film. These light-up sabers attach to the bottom of your Wii remote (known as the WiiMote) which leaves your other hand free to operate the Nintendo Nunchuk controller. Since the package includes two sabers, you and a friend are able to have lightsaber duels with each other.  Although the lightsaber pack is available for only about 30 dollars, there are also a few third-party manufacturers who make lightsabers for use with Wii games if you are looking to spend a few dollars less. Another alternative is the Wii Blast Saber Combo Pack, a light-up dual-sword option that is more or less a cheaper version of the official licensed Wii lightsabers.

For the die-hard fan, there are also a few extra accessories available such as a sensor bar holder in the form of Darth Vader. Although such accessories may be neat to have, they actually do little to add functionality to the games.

Clone Wars Wii guns and Wii accessories are a must for making gameplay as fun and as real as possible. The Wii Clone Trooper Blaster and lightsabers will help you become more fully immersed in the gaming experience as you help to decide the balance of power in the universe.

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