Safety Issues for Baby Cribs

by Concierge Matcher on February 8, 2011

baby cribsIn this next article I will be talking a little bit about different safety issues that might arise with different baby cribs. I know the safety issues are very big concern for most new parents as they want the best for their soon to be born child. So with that in mind I’ve put together a few basic safety principles you want to follow when looking to purchase a new baby crib.

The first safety principle I want to bring up is that of buying very cheap cribs to save a few bucks. I don’t want to offend anybody with this as I know the pocketbook nerve is the most sensitive nerve. This is something that needs to be said as I’m sure none of us want to put the safety of our child at risk. I think it is possible to buy a crib a relatively low cost. You simply need to put in the necessary time shopping around in order to find the deal. What I’m talking about is going to a store or website and buying the absolute cheapest crib I you find, this is never a good idea as the cheapest cribs are often constructed of weak materials that may be at risk of breaking.

The next safety principle I want to discuss is that of choosing your crib wisely. The prospect of buying a drop side crib might just come up in the course shopping around for a new crib so I want to mention something about them. Drop side cribs are very convenient, however not too long ago the CPSC did a study on drop side cribs and the findings indicated that drop side cribs can actually be unsafe for infants under some conditions. Having said this, for safety sake I would suggest going with the stationary side crib instead, just to be sure.

The third safety principle I want to discuss is that of following through until the job is finished. You can do this by making sure that whichever crib you decide on eventually gets assembled properly. This is a very important point as no matter how good the quality of the crib if it’s put together in rushed for careless manner it could easily become unsafe. So don’t be guilty of doing a sloppy job of putting the baby crib together in an unsafe manner.

In summary: don’t buy cribs that are too cheap as it might be penny wise and pound foolish. Be careful of drop side cribs, if you want to be safe, get a stationary side cribs instead. Do a good job of putting the crib together, don’t go through all the hard work of finding of the crib only to put it together sloppily.

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