Modern Kids Bedding Styles and Colors

by Concierge Matcher on March 25, 2011

kids beddingNow that you children are outgrowing the room furnishings and accessories that they have lived with since they were born, you are faced with the challenging task of revamping your children’s rooms. This doesn’t sound so bad. But when you see the multitudes of room accents, furniture and kids bedding, you sometimes can’t help but feel overwhelmed by all of it. What can help you become focused is to first sit down with your child and decide on a design scheme. Once everything’s settled, then it’s time to buy apt, but fun, items.

There are many design options for the modern tot. But children generally go for themes that depict their favorite movie and cartoon characters. So, suggest Dora the Explorer or Hello Kitty to girls, and the Transformers or Lightning McQueen to boys. Princess and fairy themes are also very popular with little women, while sports, space or nautical themes are best for boys. When choosing colors for bedroom paint, bedding or furnishing, the colors pink and blue are alright. These days, however, a lot of youngsters also love more unusual hues. Vivid yellows, intense pinks and purples, deep blues and greens, plush maroons and many remarkable hues are very popular for boys’ and girls’ rooms. In order to create a holistic look, you have to make sure that kids beds, bedding, other furnishings and room color all blend together harmoniously. For large pieces, like beds and dressers, think about need first before appearance because you can alter an item’s look easily.

When picking out kids bedding styles and colors, make sure that your choices also suit your children’s taste. Allow them to express their personalities by making a statement through their design or item choices. But always be there as a guide and steer them to things that are functional, practical as well as stylish and adorable.

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