Great Window Curtain Ideas For Your Girl’s Room

by Concierge Matcher on November 20, 2010

Pink curtainsGirls are full of life, and full of opinions about things, and that is why designing their rooms can be challenging. As some girls are easy to please many of them are picky, so getting window curtains for their bedroom might not be as simple as you might think. Don’t be surprised if your little girl decided that she wants to have red drapes made from velvet. Girls can be unpredictable but when it’s time to renew her window curtains here are a few pointers. The color you pick is crucial, after that is the design and style of the curtain.

Let’s begin with little toddler girls. Girls begin to love pink from a very early age so you can start out with that. Pink curtains will match any room as long as you find the right shade. There is loud pink, soft pink, hot pink and just pink. Choose the best one that would blend with everything else as long as it doesn’t irritate you every time you walk in her room. A toddler at age 2-3 is not at an age where she can make choices. This means that it is all up to you and you can design the room to please her but to your liking. After four years of age you might want to allow her to choose her own colors and themes. She should be ready to tell point at all the patterns she loves. At seven, your little girl will begin to think that she knows best. So take her shopping with you or let her choose from all the different selections from online.

Keep in mind that young kids don’t think about coordinating with the rest of the room, everything goes.  So if you are willing to let you little girl pick out the design that she wants then just prepare yourself for another upgrade soon. I personally think it is great to let the kids pick out the panels they want but would I do it? No. I’m very economical and whatever I choose has to be the right decision that will be acceptable for a long time. My daughter has always loved her colorful window curtains and anything I brought home for her because I decorate to please her, myself and my budget.

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