Decorating Your Home for Christmas with Toddlers in the House

by Concierge Matcher on November 16, 2010

GeoTrax Christmas trainWhen you have toddlers in your home, decorating for Christmas is as simple as it used to be. With toddlers you need to make sure that you are careful with your decorations so that they will not get hurt or injured as well as break some of your valuable decorations. If you have a toddler in your home, here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating for Christmas this year.

If you still want to put a full size Christmas tree up in your home, then be prepared to place most of your ornaments up above the reaching height of your little one. You may also consider only suing non-breakable ornaments on the tree in case it got knocked over as well. Some people will forego the regular size tree and will simply put a mini tree on a table so that there is no risk of the tree falling over on the child. You can also set up a gate around the tree so that little fingers can’t touch the tree.

It’s a tradition in many homes to put a working train under the Christmas tree, but with toddlers the train may not last very long. If you still want to put a train under the tree check out the GeoTrax Christmas train for your home. The GeoTrax Christmas train is designed for toddlers and preschoolers to play with but is also a nice train that will still decorate the bottom of your tree. The train has working lights as well as plays music so it will entertain your toddler while being an enjoyment for the whole family.

Be sure that you use caution with all the different cords and power supplies when decorating your home. Keep the outlet plugs in place if the outlet is not being used. Also, be sure to teach your child that they are not to touch or plug in the cords.

If you have breakable items such as crystals, candles, and figurines be sure that they are high up on shelves or mantels and can’t be pulled down by your toddler. This not only saves your breakable decorations but also keeps your child safe from burns or cuts from the items.

Lastly, don’t hang stockings from a shelf or mantel if your toddler can reach them and pull them down. If you do hang them with stocking holders be sure that they are high enough up so your child can’t reach the bottom of them. If they were to pull the ends of the stockings, they can make other items on the mantel or shelf fall down on them or even make the whole shelf fall down.

Decorating your home for Christmas with a toddler around just takes a little more thought, but you can still have a beautifully decorated home. Just be sure that you use common sense and you talk to your toddler about what they can and can’t touch.

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