Baby Play Yards

by Concierge Matcher on March 20, 2010

Baby Play YardThe play yard is one of the most common pieces of baby furniture found in any home with small toddlers. You can hardly enter a home where small ones live and not find one of these baby play yards somewhere in the house. The baby play yard has been a staple around American families for quite a long time.

When parents begin searching for a play yard to care for their new baby what can they expect to find? Is there a huge difference between manufacturers? Do Greco play yards surpass other well known names like the Fisher Price play yard or the Baby Trend play yard? The simple answer to these questions is “no.” Let us now take a look at why this is so.

First, the technology for the play yard is very uniform and it has not changed much through the years. The primary problem baby play yards have experienced is their joints have a habit of collapsing under the weight of the child in the play yard. This weakness in play yards is also the source of many of the injuries that arise from using a toddler play yard.

What is the price range on the average play yard and what attachments can be used for them? You can expect to pay from $80 to $300 for a play yard with the vast majority of them costing about $125. The main attachments are a canopy or dome, and various noise makers, which are usually electronic. You need not be concerned about these additions adding too much to the price of the play yard.

The one play yard know as probably the safest on the market is sold under the Crib Yard brand name and boast the ability to handle a toddler weighing up to 45lbs while most competitors only certify their play yards up to 30-35lbs. Crib Yard also states its joints simply will not collapse, thus protecting your child from the primary danger with play yards. The Crib Yard can be purchased for about $100 placing well within the range of all other play yards.

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