Baby Gates

by Concierge Matcher on March 31, 2011

baby gatesIt is but normal for parents to be very happy for their baby’s every milestone. As a parent, you found yourself jumping with joy when your baby made her first crawling. This joy glowed and was even compounded with pride when your baby started to work independently as if she can really do it on the first time. That is why you shouldn’t just sit there and stare in amazement in your baby’s skills and milestones; it should be your top priority to give them safety and protection. This can be done by installing stairgates.

What is a stair gate? A stair gate is something that can help you and even your baby’s nanny to monitor and control your baby’s movements especially when she starts exploring around the house where she can meet potential harms and dangers; specifically the stairs.

In installing a stair gate, you may want to consider putting it on the top and bottom of every flight of the stairs. This will ensure you that your baby is safe even when she’s roaming around in her unbalanced steps. The tendency of her falling backward is definitely dangerous especially when she’s near the stairs and so it is imperative that you protect her with a stair gate.

But of course baby gates are not limited to stairs only. You can also install a gate to other potentially dangerous areas in your house such as the kitchen. You simply cannot let your baby gain access to the kitchen, especially when she’s unsupervised. The kitchen may be a Mom’s favourite spot in the house, but for a baby, who doesn’t really know every single part of the room or the things therein, she may put her finger on a burning stove or a sharp knife on the table. And so it is best that you prevent her access to the kitchen by installing a gate. This should be done on other parts of the house as well.

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