Ideas for Ben 10 Party Favors

by Concierge Matcher on April 29, 2010

Ben 10 PartyIf you are throwing a Ben 10 themed party for your child, making use of Ben 10 party favors is a great way to continue this. Having an idea of the types of party favors that you can obtain will enable you to send children away with lovely gifts.

There is Lego on the market that specifically relates to the Ben 10 cartoon and includes characters from the show. Much like standard Lego, they can be built and disassembled with interchangeable parts. Mini sets can be created for children to take away with them.

A Ben 10 sticker album and a set of stickers is a great idea for use as party favors as it can form the start of a child’s collection. It will also give you the option of deciding on how many sets of stickers will be appropriate for each child as they will be able to swap and trade with their friends. Different types of stickers can be obtained by way of fabric transfers, which can be ironed onto clothing so that it resembles a character from the cartoon, if not displaying their image.

Toy Equipment
Make use of toy versions of the items that are used within the cartoon, such as an Omnitrix watch that can change the tone of the user’s voice to make them sound like an alien.

Images of Ben 10 and the aliens in the cartoon can make great party favors as they will allow children to take them home and decorate their rooms. Similarly, this can be applied to trading cards and postcards.

The various characters that make up the cartoon mean that toy figures can be ideal for use as Ben 10 party favors. Small varieties are cheap to buy and can be obtained from a range of different toy stores.

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