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by Concierge Matcher on April 9, 2011

Stearns and Foster mattressStearns and Foster is a mattress manufacturer that has created a few high priced mattresses like the Traditional one or the Silver Dream mattress. These two mattresses are some of their top ones, but not everyone can actually afford to buy them. While a regular mattress would range between $500-$700, one from this company would costs anywhere from $1300 to even $3000! But, are these prices according to the actual value of the mattresses? Some people say they are, while most say they aren’t at all. By taking a look into these two models we will get an idea about this.

Traditional mattress from Stearns and Foster
The Traditional Stearns and Foster mattress is one that is mostly interesting because it offers customers the option of choosing between two separate systems: one called the Intellicoil system, and the other called the wrapped coil system. Each of them is good, but it depends on personal preferences whether or not you will choose one or the other. The Interllicoil system is more appropriated for persons who want a comfortable, yet firm mattress. People who want comfort and a much better body alignment should be picking the second option.

Silver Dream mattress
The Silver Dream mattress comes with the Intellicoil system and you can’t pick another one like you could with the Traditional model. Latex is the main element from this mattress and its surface is hypoallergenic. Every mattress should be hypoallergenic but, in fact, many aren’t. What does this refer to? Hypoallergenic means that no living beings like dust mites or bacteria can live within the mattress. This happens with cheaper mattresses and people can get sick because of it. And if you were wondering about the Stearns and Foster mattress prices, this mattress will take you back about $3000, so be prepared.

There might be persons which want to learn more about Stearns and Foster mattresses. They can read some Stearns and Foster mattress reviews found online and gather more data.

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