Simmons Mattress Offers a New Level of Comfort

by Concierge Matcher on February 10, 2011

Simmons mattressMany mattress makers have recently decided to take a very distinct role of marketing that mattresses. They have decided to name them all differently and club them together by the type of mattress that they are. Let us take for example the Serta perfect sleeper mattresses that have become very popular recently. The first thing that you realize when you look at these mattresses is that pretty much all of them are made out of innerspring materials. What this means is that the filling inside the mattress is comprised of steel or metallic springs that give it the bones as well as fluffiness that is essential to ensure that you get a good nights sleep on it. Across the entire range of the perfect sleeper mattresses used pretty much the same technology.

However one company that has decided to do exactly the opposite when it comes to marketing their mattresses is Simmons mattress company who without Simmons beautyrest mattress range have taken the market by storm. What Simmons has done has done is simply amazing when you consider the way that they are marketing their product. While the product is pretty good, the packaging here is what is the worthwhile thing to mention. Instead of focusing on making the mattress slightly better – after all there’s only so much value that you can bump into a mattress without increasing the price! What we have done is they have improved the buying experience of the customer by providing them with tiered choices that ensure that buying a mattress is the easiest thing next to buying sliced bread! Depending on your budget you can simply buy this matter that comes closest to it. For example if your budget is close to $500 then you will go for the beauty just classic mattress which is again an inner spring mattress.

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