Simmons Beautyrest World Class

by Concierge Matcher on February 6, 2011

Simmons Beautyrest world classPillow tops are among the most necessary accessories for mattresses. These can be used in many ways and it is beneficial for those who use it and for the mattress it is used on. The pillow top serves as a protection for the mattress itself. The pillow top catches the wear and tear that can happen to the mattress and therefore its lifespan is prolonged considerably.

Pillow tops are also great if you can not yet afford a new mattress. Purchasing a new one makes you feel like you are sleeping on something new. Now you can get these benefits from pillow top mattresses that have this accessory already attached. When you choose this, you do the same thing you do when you select a regular mattress.

A lot of mattress buyers often choose among Sealy, Serta, or Simmons. They want to find out which brand is the best one. It can be quite hard to figure it out since most of the pillow top mattresses offered by these brands use Visco-elastic foam that increases the support and comfort that you get, for example some models of the Simmons Beautyrest world class mattress.

The Serta pillow top mattress has a lot of good reviews under its belt. It has a high satisfaction score from its consumers. The mattress is about 4 inches thick which is a bit thicker than what most are.

Some people say that this particular brand is quite heavy but you do expect this characteristic from memory foam mattresses. There are reviews that say the size is not really that standard. But whatever the problems are with size, the pillow top mattress does make up for in the level of comfort that it providers. Customers say that they will highly recommend this brand to people who experience back pains. The price is also fair.

The pillow top mattress from Sealy is not that satisfactory compared to the one from Serta but it does have its own unique features and benefits. They have what is called a cradling effect on the body that lets you sleep better and improves your posture and spine alignment.

Inside this pillow top mattress you will find healthy microfiber clusters. These are the ones that make you feel comfortable. If you are a fan of softness, Sealy is the brand for you. The mattresses are a bit cheaper than those from Serta. You can often find cheap mattress sets by waiting for sales online or at department stores.

Finally, we have pillow top mattresses from Simmons. This has a bit of a lower rating compared to Serta. People say that it eases their discomfort with acid reflux and back pains. The reason for this is that the upper body parts are raised more than the usual. People love how comfortable this mattress is.

Simmons pillow top mattresses do have some complaints regarding the odor when first used but this does go away after a while.

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