Metal Double Beds are Versatile

by Concierge Matcher on February 17, 2011

Metal double bedsA metal bed frame is a versatile choice when searching for a simple bed frame.  They are usually adjustable to the size of mattress you have, going from a twin up to a double.  This depends on the style you end up choosing, however, there is a small selection of different styles to look at.  Most of these styles will be basic, and not include fancy features.  This makes a metal bed frame the perfect choice for those on a budget.

Generally speaking, the metal double bed frame will have two side rails that hook into bars located at either end of the bed.  These rails are angled to hold support cross bars, which the box spring will sit on.  This support system holds the box spring and mattress, as well as, keep the bed off of the floor.  Many of the metal frames include wheels for easy maneuverability of the bed.  Whenever the bed needs to be moved, whether it is for cleaning or rearranging, it will be a breeze to move the bed.

Metal double beds can easily be covered by a dust ruffle or long comforter.  Guests will have no idea there is a metal bed frame under your bed.  Metal bed frames are not only practical and affordable, they will fit in with any style of decor.  There is also no headboard to get in the way when using a metal frame.  Creativity can abound when it comes to adorning the head of your bed.  A freestanding headboard can be added at the owner’s discretion.  If the decor changes, the headboard can be changed to match with ease.

Adding a canopy to the metal frame is another way to add style to your bedroom.  Placing sheer material panels around the canopy will create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

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