Caring For Your Daybed Bedding

by Concierge Matcher on February 10, 2011

daybed beddingDaybed is precious commodity providing multi-services to its owner. Once you get use to a daybed, then definitely it is going to be your favorite resting place. The famous saga of converting your living room into bedroom for your overnight guest is all due to this daybed. Occupying a special place in your heart and serving you far better than the other furniture, it becomes your foremost duty to take care of this precious commodity.

Mostly in the northern hemisphere, the people love to place their daybeds in that part of the home where it is sunnier, to take a warm soothing rest. Well sunlight may be soothing for us but not for the daybed. Strong sunlight can fade the dark colors of the daybed; the solution is to have a light colored daybed for the sunnier places in home or remove the dark covering during intense sunny days.

For long life and durability of the fabric of the daybed, it is wise to read the manufacturer’s instructions manual. Care should be taken while eating or drinking on a daybed. If anything spills on the fabric, it is better to wipe it quickly. Commercial stain remover may be a better choice but it cannot be an alternative to laundry and dry-cleaning. For home washing, the manufacturer’s instruction should be followed strictly. Use of warm water and light detergent with a hand wash is the best way for washing the daybed fabrics at home. Air-drying is recommended after washing the fabrics, since air-drying is a slow process so it is advisable to have more than one daybed bedding sets at home. If extra bedding set is not available, bed sheets can be used till the drying process gets complete.

Although it is more cost effective to wash at home, it cannot be an alternative to the professional launderers. For long life of fabric and their vibrant colors, it is still better to engage professional dry cleaning for the best results.

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