Think Size And Design To Get Your Walk In Shower Right

by Concierge Matcher on February 3, 2011

walk in showerWhen building a walk in shower, there are two main things you need to decide. The first is what size will you make your shower? The second is what design do you want for your shower? Accessories may influence your design, but they can also wait till later.

The first thing that you will need to decide, even before you think of opening the phone book for a contractor, is how much room do you have for a walk in shower? Are you going to be replacing a bathtub and shower combo? Will you still keep a bathtub, or are you converting your bathroom to just have a shower? These questions will help you determine where in the bathroom you will be putting the shower and how other elements, like the sink and toilet, will fit in. You will need this information when you then turn to design.

When designing your walk in shower, you need to think of shape and material. You will also need to think about how the shower will fit into the look of the rest of your bathroom. Do you prefer a contemporary look with lots of chrome? Then a glass walk in shower with chrome brackets and handle will look great. On the other hand, do you prefer and more free form design? Lots of things can be done with glass block. They come in colors and some even have patterns in them. If your bathroom will also be for children, there are even some manufacturers providing glass block that forms a mural when put together. Glass is the best material if you want a shower with straight sides. If you would like to go with a curved wall, then you will need glass block.

Any time you are undergoing a renovation, especially one that may involve structural changes such as adding a walk in shower, you need to plan carefully. Before you can shop for finishing touches, you will need to have the basics decided. So, consider the size and design of your walk in shower as you plan.

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