Sea Salt Scrubs for a Sea Salt Bath

by Concierge Matcher on April 11, 2011

Sea salt scrubsSea salt scrubs and sea salt baths are two of the most simple and yet luxurious beauty rituals that one can have.  Sea salt is a staple of the earth and with good reason.  The body is substantially made up of it and responses really well to it.  There are many options you can consider for a sea salt bath or scrub so we thought we should go through some of the choices to make it ultra clear.

Firstly for you to understand is that the skin is actually very permeable and anything that it comes into contact with can be absorbed into it.  That is why sea salt is so good as it is also c full of micro minerals that we are often missing out on.  The other benefits are that salt is a detoxifier and can actually draw toxins out from the skin.

Here is a run down of the main salts that you will likely come across and may wish to use.

Himalayan crystal salt is some of the purest salt around and it also has about 84 minerals within it.  It is harvested from the Himalayas and actually came to be a long time ago and then got trapped within the mountains.  This is premium for your body and health.

Dead Sea salt is a salt that is extraordinarily high in minerals.  In fact its salt content is only about 8% as compared to all the other stuff it has within it.  This product has been used in beauty rituals since the time of Cleopatra and it is really famous as one of the best sea salt scrubs.

Epsom salt is another amazing bath salt even though it is not really a salt at all.  It does have the appearance of salt however.  This is magnesium sulfate and can do wonders on sore muscles and drawing out toxins through the skin.

European bath salts are the salts you will most commonly find in spas all over.  France is famous for it’s salt cultivation and it shows up in the spas and beauty treatments all around the world.

Atlantic bath salts are also very nice.  They are plain Jane and white harvested from pure cold waters and good for coloring or scenting.

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