Fitting a Shower Rail

by Concierge Matcher on February 7, 2011

shower railWhen it comes to finding the best way to fitting your shower rail, take the time to properly fit your shower rail for a better solution. Most shower rails come with instructions to fit the rail and some also come as a part of a kit with all the fittings you need. Depending on the size and shape of your bath or shower, you may need to cut the shower rail down t size. When you are positioning the rail to make sure that it’s even, it would be helpful to have another person help you. Marking where the ends of the rail should join the wall or ceiling with a pencil is important so that you can drill holes for the fittings.

Probably one of the easiest jobs you can do in a bathroom is fitting shower grab bars. It will actually pay off if you took the additional time to install a fixed rail rather than having it frequently fall on you which could be very dangerous.

It is important to use a shower curtain to prevent excess plashes of water go to the bathroom floor especially if you have a bath shower or shower unit without an attached screen. Water on the floor is dangerously slippery and could be the leading cause of accidents. Plus, water on the bathroom floor could also lead to water damage if the excess water leak through your bathroom floor to the ceiling below. So in order to hang a shower curtain, you would first need to install a shower rail above your shower unit or bath tub.

You don’t have to worry that the shower you choose will not match with your current bathroom décor. Shower rails come in different types and you will just have to choose one that will suit your bathroom best.

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