A Decorative Shower Curtain Rod

by Concierge Matcher on February 25, 2011

 shower curtain rodIf you’re looking for a shower curtain rod and you’re a frequent internet reader, you may want to try typing the keywords ‘curtain rods blog‘ into your favorite search engine and seeing what comes up.  It’s interesting to see what types of blogs people come up with lately.  It seems like there is a blog about everything, and in fact, there probably is.  Search engines are great at helping you find out what specifically you want to find with anything, and shower curtains are no exception.
This can be an especially good thing if you’re looking for decorative curtain rods.  Cheap curtain rods that can be found at any store bigger than a gas station aren’t really worth blogging about, but decorative curtain rods definitely need to be researched before they are installed.  Because they are decorative, they’re not always what you’re looking for when it comes to useability.
Particularly with the shower, it is important to get rods that are functional as well as decorative.  An elegant iron rod that needs to be screwed into the wall and wiped down after every shower to keep it from turning orange is probably not worth the trouble for the look as a shower curtain holder.  A better option would be to install a decorative metal curtain holder on the window and leave the shower curtain alone.
on the other hand, there are functional shower curtain holders made of metal that can far outlast plastic models and are well worth the extra few bucks in the upfront cost. They are treated to  withstand rust, and won’t break nearly as easily. This is why researching before you buy is a good idea, because you never know if the curtain holder is going to be to your liking or not, and your time is far too precious to waste on testing out different shower curtains.

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